The Reality Crush is HERE!

This Saturday Night, we are releasing our first new record in FOUR years.  So very much went into the making of this, and it's amazing that we finally made it to the end. 

Our CD Release show will be a Halloween bash to end all bashes!  It'll be at our home bar: Even Flow Bar & Grill. 150 E. Main Street in Bay Shore, NY.  We'll be joined by many of our musical brothers & sisters in Craving Strange, Midnight Mob, Jackknife Stilleto, Last Turn of Broadway & Jahsh (and the clique-like posse) while RenegadeRadio runs the whole circus!  It's going to be GLORIOUS!

If you can't join us for the CD Release show, you'll be able to find The Reality Crush everywhere you get music come Monday morning, and you can always get all of your REVEL 9 nonsense at

Thank you for your patience and your support.  We couldn't have done this otherwise.

~DJ, Kaz, Nidal & Tony


The Reality Crush

Definition: The moment when you understand that everything you want may not actually be possible. The moment when your hopes and dreams become prayers and struggles. The moment when you find that what you knew to be true, isn’t.

As children, we can believe in anything. We can be anything. We can do anything. Somewhere along the way, some of us lose pieces of that. And some of us lose quite a bit more. The Reality Crush is a collection of those stories; of times when the weight of the world has won. For many of us, it can be a devastating experience. A true crush. For those of you who have been there, alone and scared on the floor or curled up into a ball, shivering in the corner, surrounded by nothing other than fear and hopelessness, we offer you this; you are not alone and you are not the only one to be right where you are. And it will pass.

If you are like us, let the music be the soundtrack of your life. Let these stories share your world with you. Take from them what you need to, in order to get by whenever you falter.

We write because we have to and we share because we want to.
We thank you all for allowing us into your world and we hope you enjoy what we have for you now.
We are proud to finally release: The Reality Crush

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