The Liberty Music Fest and more...

Hey Gang,


If it seems like it's been a really long time without a REVEL 9 update, well, you're right.  And that's completely on me.  Truth is, we've been so busy with the releases from the new record, that we just have a chance to sit and reach out to all of you.

That stops now (hopefully).

We're going to be making every effort to keep our core group of fans (that's you) up to date and in the know on all things REVEL 9... and that starts with telling you about the Liberty Music Fest.

This Saturday, Aug 23rd, REVEL 9 returns to Philadelphia and the Liberty Music Festival - a FIVE day music concert and conference being held at Finnigan's Wake, 537 North 3rd St (3rd and Spring Garden) Philadelphia, PA 19123.

We'll be taking the stage sometime in the 8PM hour, and there will be additional performances by Midnight Mob, Steve Haley Band, Stealing Fame, Mile Marker Zero, Satellites Fall, Angel Vilvaldi, In the Presence of Wolves and PLENTY more... so you KNOW it's going to be a great show!

We hope to see a bunch of you there, otherwise, we've got plenty more on the horizon, including our next show with Bobaflex and the release of The Reality Crush.

We'll be back in touch soon, promise!

~dj (kaz, nidal & tony, too)  / REVEL 9

revel in it!


PS: If you haven't already gotten your FREE copy of the first release from The Reality Crush, go get it now:

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