*** PRESS RELEASE ***  "Keep You Near"


On March 10th 2020, REVEL 9 will release the first single from their long-awaited third record. 

The local release date will be primarily for fans of the band, with a global release date (Apple Music, Spotify and everywhere else) of March 31st. The band expects to release a few more singles before the entire record drops world-wide on June 30th 2020. The band is tight-lipped about the content, artwork and even the name of the upcoming record citing only that it will be "aptly named and appropriately presented" in keeping with R9 tradition. 

According to DJ Pearlman, the band's vocalist and primary songwriter, "you can expect a bigger sound with a harder edge on this record, but the intimacy of the songs will be everything that everyone expects from a REVEL 9 record. Maybe even more so this time. Maybe a lot more." 

"Keep You Near" 
Local: 03/10/2020 
Global: 03/31/2020