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Arlene's Grocery, NYC.  Christmas 2014.


Live from NYC!


Who wants some AWESOME??!!!??

  REVEL 9, Live from Arlene's Grocery in NYC



Merry Christmas


To all of our immediate and extended REVEL 9 family, whether it's your thing or not, we want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and may the true spirit of this time of year find you well and happy and whole.

~dj, kaz, nidal & tony


Senseless Tragedy


For all of modern history the creative among us - the authors, the painters and the musicians - have been so much more likely than the rest to leave us too soon. And with them, invariably, goes that specific light that they bring into our world. And while we mourn the loss of that light, there are times when the dark left behind does far more damage than anything else could ever repair. Once these people have slipped through our fingers they are gone forever. And that is the tragedy.
You’re not alone in this.
Get help.


This is Senseless Tragedy


Senseless Tragedy
The Reality Crush
All Rights Reserved
(c) 2014 Gee Davey Productions


We've been busy...


Recent Accolades:

REVEL 9, Band of the Year, 2014, Full Impact Radio on 365 Network

REVEL 9, Band of the Month, October 2014, Rock Bandom Radio

REVEL 9, Band of the Month, September 2014, Shep FM

REVEL 9, #1 for the Week, August 17 2014 (week of), Stone Chrome Radio

REVEL 9, #1 for the Week, August 10 2014 (week of), Stone Chrome Radio

REVEL 9, Band of the Week, August 10 2014 (week of), Jim Jarrell Promotions

All I've Become, Song of the Week, August 7 2014 (week of), CNEU Radio

REVEL 9, Band of the Week, August 3 2014 (week of), Alien X Radio

REVEL 9, Band of the Month, August 2014, Eagle Eye Promotion PR

REVEL 9, Artist of the Month, August 2014, Ultimate 365

The Good Fight, Song of the Month, August 2014, Split Infinity Radio

REVEL 9, Sickest Band of the Week, July 25 2014 (week of), Stone Chrome Radio

All I've Become, Fight Track of the Week, July 6 2014 (week of), The Title Fight

All I've Become, Song of the Month, May 2014, Split Infinity Radio


Shep FM: Featured Artist of the Month


From the program director at SHEP FM:

...and as the sunny mist of August leaves us we must salute Edisun while they depart, and we all bow to welcome the Real Rock of REVEL 9 as the featured artist for September.


The Quinn Spinn


We are very excited to announce that "All I've Become" by REVEL 9 is the new official theme song of The Quinn Spinn!

We will join TQS on next week's One-Year Anniversary Show to introduce the track. After that, it will serve as the opening theme for every piece of Quinn Spinn programming for the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much for the honor, may it serve you well!

Check out the new opening theme here!


The Liberty Music Fest and more...


Hey Gang,


If it seems like it's been a really long time without a REVEL 9 update, well, you're right.  And that's completely on me.  Truth is, we've been so busy with the releases from the new record, that we just have a chance to sit and reach out to all of you.

That stops now (hopefully).

We're going to be making every effort to keep our core group of fans (that's you) up to date and in the know on all things REVEL 9... and that starts with telling you about the Liberty Music Fest.

This Saturday, Aug 23rd, REVEL 9 returns to Philadelphia and the Liberty Music Festival - a FIVE day music concert and conference being held at Finnigan's Wake, 537 North 3rd St (3rd and Spring Garden) Philadelphia, PA 19123.

We'll be taking the stage sometime in the 8PM hour, and there will be additional performances by Midnight Mob, Steve Haley Band, Stealing Fame, Mile Marker Zero, Satellites Fall, Angel Vilvaldi, In the Presence of Wolves and PLENTY more... so you KNOW it's going to be a great show!

We hope to see a bunch of you there, otherwise, we've got plenty more on the horizon, including our next show with Bobaflex and the release of The Reality Crush.

We'll be back in touch soon, promise!

~dj (kaz, nidal & tony, too)  / REVEL 9

revel in it!


PS: If you haven't already gotten your FREE copy of the first release from The Reality Crush, go get it now:


What It Is


The moments that we share in this world, in our time together, are priceless.  But for all that it is, can never it be this again.


It is our pleasure to give you the second release from 'The Reality Crush':

What It Is


What It Is
The Reality Crush
All Rights Reserved
(c) 2014 Gee Davey Productions




That's right!  Get your FREE copy of The Good Fight right here, right NOW!  (...and PASS IT ON!)

Just click the Download icon in the Upper Right-hand corner in the Soundcloud widget, below.

OR...  head directly to Soundcloud or Bandcamp and grab it there!


The Good Fight


As we have done at countless live performances across the Northeast, we would like to dedicate this song to our service men and women overseas and their families still here at home that try and get through every day without them.  It is through their sacrifices that the rest of us can enjoy our everyday lives. It is because of their sacrifices that we can do any of this at all. It is for their sacrifices that we wrote this song.


It is our pleasure to release to all of you:

The Good Fight


The Good Fight
The Reality Crush
All Rights Reserved
(c) 2014 Gee Davey Productions


TRC Artwork


Our incredible artwork for The Reality Crush, once again courtesy of Justin Oon ( ).




24 hours to go!   (Hey, that's a good idea for a song!)


Yeah.  It's finally here.  It's time to show you what we've been working on all this time.  The single drops officially on Tuesday 6/3 at 1PM (EST) right here on our website at and on facebook at or directly at the event at:


This release is FREE!  We want you all to have it, enjoy it and share it!  You'll be able to stream and download it from Soundcloud as well as get it from Bandcamp in any audio version you want!  All the links will be with the facebook event tomorrow!

We all hope you'll come and listen, download and spread the word as far and wide as it will go. 
It's time. Enter: The Reality Crush.


June 2014

5 More Days


We're coming down to it now, people.  In FIVE short days, you'll be able to hear BRAND NEW stuff from REVEL 9.

We are actually so happy with all of the new material, we are STILL trying to figure out which song to release first.  We all have our favorites, but I think it's going to come down to which one gives you the best flavor of what's to come.  I can't wait.


The Reality Crush is coming....


On Tuesday, June 3rd at 1PM we will be releasing a brand new single.

It's been a long road to get here, but here we are.
We are super excited about it, and we hope you are too.

#revelinit #therealitycrush


May 2014



Next up... Atlantic City, Long Island & Connecticut.


See you soon!


San Jose


Wishing I was in San Jose right now!


Here it comes...


06 . 21 . 11

the razorblade diaries







We Are REVEL 9


Think: Chevelle, Deftones, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, NIN ...We are RЄVЭL 9!