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The type of rock that Revel 9 immediately hit their listeners with has the immediate catchiness to be present on rock radio, while the overall sound of Revel 9 touches upon a number of different rock styles. Particularly noticeable during “San Jose” has to be the guitar work, which lifts the track to an entirely new plateau. The band marries together a much grittier feel with a punk style that will have listeners singing along after only a few listens. The band wears their emotions on their sleeve, and dictates how each of the tracks on “The Razorblade Diaries” goes through guitar riffs and drum lines.

“All I’ve Become” represents a hit for Revel 9, as the track possesses a much more dark and brooding feel than had previously been present on the album. During this track, Revel 9 builds off the work of acts like Papa Roach and Three Days Grace, even as the intense drum work represents an entirely new beast than either of those acts. “Lay My Head” has a more dust-swept feel to it that showcases that Revel 9 can still throw their listeners a curveball even at the last bits and pieces of the EP. It is hard for a band to showcase their ability over the course of an EP, but Revel 9 is able to pinpoint their sound and have listeners hungering for more all over the course of six tracks. The disc may end with “Without”, but I believe that the disc will keep its place through a number of replays. “Without” is the perfect end to the album, as it begins with the act showing the instrumental side of things.

After further showing their versatility through this opening, Revel 9 create harmonies in this track that will bounce around listener’s heads long after the album closes up. Revel 9 do a tremendous job in closing their unique skill with this EP, and I have no doubt in my mind that the act would even shine better in a live format. So, pick up a copy of “The Razorblade Diaries” and check to see whenever the band may be coming to your neck of the woods.

Top Tracks: San Jose, All I’ve Become

Formerly known as Gee Davey, Revel 9 is locked, loaded and ready to give you ‘The Razorblade Diaries’.  This is the band’s debut EP under the name Revel 9 and they are excited to get these songs out to the masses.  The group hails from Long Island, NY and is made up of: founder, guitarist & lead singer/songwriter DJ Pearlman, Michael Bontempi on drums, Ray Kuhner on bass and their newest member Matthew Dower on rhythm guitar.  Revel 9 is ready to make some serious noise!

I couldn’t help but think of Bush’s ‘Razorblade Suitcase’ album when I saw the EP title.  I own this record and highly enjoy it, so if Pearlman & company could live up to the quality of ‘Razorblade Suitcase’ I would be very satisfied.  ‘The Razorblade Diaries’ nothing like Bush and their 1996 release but Revel 9 rocks out respectfully in its own right with six well-recorded tracks.  The professional touch was there and the substance was evident so let’s go!

The gist of this recording revolves around the concept of boy meets girl, boy loses girl and boy does anything to win the girl back.  This whole story & creative process was portrayed extremely well by the Revel 9 boys.  As soon as you hit Play you bear witness to quick ‘n’ punchy rock on “San Jose”.  This hard-nosed rock sensation carries on throughout the entire 6-song set.  On the track “Another Mistake”, I’m hearing an edgy & raw sound complete with a kick-ass garage band effect.  These guys are just jammin’ away and havin’ a good time so let’s join the Revel 9 party!  The hard rock influence is heard loud & clear on this disc with guitar riffs that rock your world!  The vocals are catchy and fit in perfectly with the band’s whole approach.

Overall, I am very impressed with how each member made it all work as Revel 9 is in the building!  They offer up an appealing sound that is bound to catch on like crazy!  You owe it to yourself to check out Long Island’s own Revel 9 and their debut release ‘The Razorblade Diaries’.  The diary has just begun and so I can’t wait to see what they add to it next!

JUNE 20, 2011 - What the hell's in a name? Everything, if you ask DJ PEARLMAN of the band REVEL (. A few years back, DJ and the rest of the band boasted a hard edged pop rock sound as the band GEE DAVEY. With the band's embrace of heaviers riffs (both percussive and guitar driven) and melancholic melodies, the name GEE DAVEY no longer seemed to fit the bill. The newly christened REVEL 9 have smashed the champagne bottle on the starboard bow with the release of their (might as well be) debut release THE RAZORBLADE DIARIES featuring the the stunning tracks SAN JOSE, ALL I'VE BECOME and LAY MY HEAD.

Phone Interview

From the Long Island area? Then you’d remember our latest PEV feature as Gee Davey, a musical staple that brought you some amazing indie rock – just check out the record “She Sells Smiles”. But one year ago… the band re-launched and remerged stronger than ever as the new 4-piece act, Revel 9. Lead vocalist DJ Pearlman, Mike Bontempi, Ray Kuhner, Matt Dower have come together to bring to you their latest release, “The Razorblade Diaries”.

DJ says “This record is definitely our “defining” record. We had laid out the whole concept for the record, and had done all the pre-production on the songs almost 18 months ago.  It took our producer to make us take a good hard look at what we had, and where we wanted to go with it, and more importantly, it took our willingness to see what he was saying and do the work that needed to be done.  I’ve never worked a record like this before.”

Revel 9 doesn’t take your average approach to crafting a tune – they take it to a whole new level: “We spend so much time writing, playing, changing, correcting, fixing and adjusting every single song we do until it’s as perfect as it is going to get.  By the time we’re done with it, there’s not a single part of any R9 song that’s bland or weak or boring or wrong… at least not to us.” The band will be pushing hard to promote “The Razorblade Diaries” on this side of the country, so check their schedule. There’s a whole lot more to get into, so keep reading for all the answers to the XXQ’s.

Print Interview

Long Island, New York four-piece rock outfit Gee Davey gained a member, changed its band name and
releasing a stunning start to its next chapter.

In their debut release, Revel 9 delivers a dynamic package in The Razorblade Diaries. Lead singer, guitarist,
lyricist and founding member DJ Pearlman re-formed the group, Gee Davey, added a guitarist and created Revel
9. Comprised of Pearlman, Matthew Dower (rhythm guitar), Michael Bontempi (drums) and bassist Ray Kuhner.
At first listen to "San Jose" (track one) the introduction and arrangement is quite typical of the modern
alternative rock sound. The song has a solid chorus and pounding arrangement. It sounds a bit like a Hole song,
but minus the whining. But, something happens at the bridge of this song - the guitar work kills it. The guitar
moves into this melodic, numbing spray. This writer really fell for this song after that bridge! It is apparent the
added guitarist adds such a dynamic to these songs.

Warped Sound
Track two "Another Mistake" has quick start, the crunching guitar and malicious percussion. They lyrics are not
bad - they tell a story and really grab the listener. Once again the bridge elevates this track into a different
stratosphere. This writer preferred the guitar solo work in "San Jose" but the warped sound in "Another
Mistake" is still killer.

"All I've Become" (track three) almost sounds a bit Nine Inch Nails at first; the guitars have some sort of fista
cuffs action going on. Pearlman's voice is the star on this song - it sounds more confident and clear on this track.
He's a bit Emerson Hart (of Tonic fame) meets J.R. Richards (lead singer for Dishwalla) meets Brian Vander Ark
(of the Verve Pipe). This songs is radio ready - the growl in his voice leaves the speakers pulsating with sweat.

Stunning Guitar Bridge
Add track five to the EP's standout tracks. Sounding a bit like The Cult and Echo & The Bunnyman, "Lay My
Head" is way more harsh and amplified. Track six, "Without" again takes it to the next level. Each track on this
EP progresses and adds to a fuller sound. This song does not disappoint. Rock fans will saver this one. The
guitar bridge is stunning. It is as if it has enveloped Slash, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Neil Zaza and
slapped it over the head with some Rob Zombie.

Overall, this EP gets a solid A. Die-hard fans of Van Halen (David Lee Roth version; specifically those that like
the song "I'll Wait" will really like "Lay My Head."), Tonic, Hole, Collective Soul, Hinder, A Perfect Circle and
that crunchy alternative rock sound will enjoy Revel 9 and their EP The Razorblade Diaries.